How do I help my managers become great leaders?

Being the ‘difference that makes the difference’ requires the application of a common set of skills, holding a particular mindset and applying a proven process.

We train, coach and mentor high performance managers to be leaders high performance requires leaders to…

  • Challenge and Support in equal measure
  • Combine both Transactional and Transformational skills
  • Empower and Delegate where there is ‘Responsible Initiative’
  • Be Explicit on desired Results and Behaviours
  • Provide unambiguous clarity on Rewards and Penalties

Helping your managers become great leaders can be achieved using a variety of skills and coachable behaviours.

Coachable Behaviours and Attitudes

  • Self Awareness
  • Explicitness
  • High Challenge and High Support
  • Positive regards (Respect)
  • Genuineness (Authenticity)
  • Everyday feedback

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