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A thought checklist for all leaders

By Steve Woods When we go for our weekly shop we usually create a list of items to remember to buy, we may occasionally get distracted as we wind our ways down the aisles, but the list always brings us back to our essentials. When we go on holiday we create a list of items […]

Hugging & Bridging: Mind-Yoga for Effective Learning

Whilst hugging and bridging may sound like a tantric yoga move forced upon some unsuspecting middle-aged, middle-spread, middle-life-crisis convert, it is in fact a very powerful “mind-yoga” technique used in effective learning. We have talked previously about the science of how we learn, and how understanding that is essential in creating powerful training programmes. Learning […]

10 ways to Build Your Growth Mindset in Leadership

By Steve Woods A strong growth mindset is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of all in the character of a progressive leader. Be it resilience, awareness, inspiration, vision, desire, empathy, determination or any other quality of the best leaders, my observation of them all is that, no matter what, they all have a personal growth […]