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No Classroom Required – How to Train Your Whole Sales Team Without Taking Them Off the Road

CEOs intent on growth know that developing the skills of their sales team is vital.

Introducing new skills, launching new products, teaching latest techniques etc is all essential when developing a focused sales team. But this all takes time and effort, right? Time and effort that is normally applied to being on the road, meeting customers, nurturing clients and growing sales. So how does a sales team put time and effort into skills development without sacrificing time in the field?

This was the challenge pitched to Uspire by Thai Union, who’s CEO was intent on investing in the skills development of their sales team, without losing valuable time on the road.

Uspire’s solution was to create virtual learning seminars with a pre-read toolkit, followed by a Uspire-led learning seminar.

Uspire advocate a programme of Champion led change, and it was using the benefit of a Champion network that ensured the seminars were able to influence the whole business. Champion-led change is driven by the principle of internal “champions” taking ownership of the on-going training and ensuring the embedded skills and behaviours endure.

The virtual seminar programme introduced to Thai Union is a great example of the power of the Champion network and how it can really push learning and development through the wider business. The Learning Champion from each country within Thai Union took responsibility for getting their sales colleagues engaged with the virtual seminar programme.

Some teams decided to get together and take the seminar as a group, not least because there was a practice element to the call. To add an extra dimension to the seminar real customer examples were prepared and shared by the designated topic champions.

mumbai sales team

The Mumbai sales team listening to their on-line follow up seminar

For a really turbo charged learning experience these seminars work best when the Uspire Academy launch programme has already been completed and the sales team is in need of a reminder boost of the key tools and skills.

Value comes from the immediate nature of the seminar. Mark Francis, Uspire Director of Learning, who facilitates many of the seminars, uses them to call out the sales team by name to keep all listeners on edge. And as this is a digital experience it can be recorded and replayed for teams on different times zones, for recaps of relevant outputs or onboarding of new staff.

Thai Union see huge value in this method of learning and they are using the process to launch new products lines by sharing the air time between the Academy Sales Champions and their marketing team.

Bryan Rosenburg, CEO of Thai Union North Amercia, is a huge advocate of the Virtual Seminars and regards them as one big step forward for his whole sales team. He really values the two hour refreshers and thinks it is just what his commercial team needs to hone key customer-facing skills.

It certainly is a smart way to optimise resources.

For more information on how Uspire Virtual Seminars can help the learning and development of a disparate team contact Mark Francis on

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