Aduke Onafowokan

Build World-Class Commercial Leadership Skills with The Network – Read Aduke’s Story

Aduke Onafowokan is quite a remarkable woman.

She is a wife, a mother and a business person with a very impressive professional record, managing to combine all three to great effect. Just ask her husband and kids!

Aduke has a background in law and has pursued a successful consulting career that has led her to work with some of the largest organisations in the world such as Deloitte, British American Tobacco and the UK Ministry of Defence, delivering complex business transformation programme.

As a women in business, Aduke has first-hand experience of the challenges women face in nurturing their professional pathway and gaining the recognition they deserve as leaders. And this has been a passion of Aduke’s for some time. For a long time she has dedicated herself to helping women from all walks of life become transformational leaders. This passion for working with women leaders culminated in the formation and launch of The Sister Sister Network, which Aduke leads.

The Sister Sister Network was launched to help women tap into their natural abilities and become effective leaders. Aduke and the Sister Sister Network believe that developing leadership potential in women is crucial to global economic development and advancement, and the Sister Sister network aims to make leadership development accessible to all women regardless of their background and experience.

The Sister Sister Network is a fantastic initiative and Aduke is a great leader, but she felt that even though she has a breadth of experience, to really build on the values of the Sister Sister Network she needed to accelerate her leadership skills; and so she turned to The Network from Uspire.

Commercial Leadership Support

The Network from Uspire, is a unique blend of business coaching, peer-to-peer learning and though provoking events, that combine to support commercial leaders in their professional development. And it was the peer-to-peer knowledge transfer that particularly appealed to Aduke.

Learning from peers in a forum like The Network is regarded by its members as one of the Network’s most valuable aspects. The Network draws commercial leaders from a wide variety of sectors, and it is this diversity that really creates valuable experiences. Hearing how fellow leaders tackle challenges and deal with real-world business issues really does inspire members to look at their own professional lives through a completely new lens.

And this is what happened with Aduke. Ultimately she wanted to become a better leader: she wanted to use the experience of others to see how she could shape her leadership style and ultimately carry her team with her on her journey.

Regional POD’s

The Network is based around regional POD’s; tight network groups that meet, debate and collaborate, providing feedback and support to their fellow members. Aduke’s focus was on professional growth, using the support of her Network to build her confidence and refine her communication skills.

She used the debating style of the POD sessions, with open discussions and feedback, as a testbed for her developing confidence; whilst pitching her ideas and solutions to the group helped her unlock new ideas and ways in which to enhance her communication.

As well as the value Aduke extracted from the POD sessions, the one-to-one coaching sessions with the POD coach offered her particularly focused advice on developing her leadership style. Richard Beaumont is ex-Mckinseys and hosts Aduke’s POD in his role as the London POD chair. Richard’s deliberate and considered style was the perfect antidote to Aduke’s hectic schedule. Committing to her coaching sessions helped remove Aduke from the pressures of her daily routine and gave her a focus outside of her immediate work.

The Network places great emphasis on the coach/member relationship and Aduke was able to really focus on her key business priorities of helping the Sister Sister Network reach out to more women in business. Richard and Aduke were able to work on key growth strategies and review and refine over the course of their scheduled meetings.

Since joining The Network Aduke has continued to develop and grow her leadership style, working hard to understand the motivations of her team and using these to lead more effectively.  She uses the support crutch provided by her Network to test new ideas and is using this invaluable resource to help take The Sister Sister Network to great new things.

Listen to Aduke talk about her Network experience and click here for more information about how The Network could help your professional development.

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