Uspire Ireland Launches and Provokes Commercial Leaders to Appraise Their Teams

Uspire welcomed a huge number of commercial leaders from companies in sectors such as FMCG, Food Ingredients, Food Service, Engineering, Recruitment and Financial Services to officially launch Uspire Ireland on 8ThApril 2019 at Trinity College Dublin. Uspire Ireland MD Michael Cullen hosted the day and posed the question ‘Is your commercial team truly world class?

To debate the requirement of a world class commercial team, Uspire Ireland were joined by three guests speakers, all of whom are directly engaged in understanding and developing world class behaviour.

Kanthi Ford
Kanthi Ford joined Michael to discuss how teams create a “Performance Edge”, the title of her co-authored book, and gave an international perspective on the essential ingredients that engender world-class performance.

Owen McFeely
Owen McFeely of PWC presented fantastic insight from the 2019 PWC Retail and Consumer Report, not least being the increasing importance of having your commercial team closely connected to your customers. Owen offered 5 key trends that are influencing the behaviour of today’s consumer:

  1. Customer experience is a key differentiator
  2. Store remains important and is front of mind
  3. Creating a sustainable experience is vital
  4. Retailers are increasingly adopting “mobile first”
  5. Important to engage consumers through emerging technologies

Bernard Dunne
A pre-recorded video interview introduced to the audience Bernard Dunne, a former World Boxing Champion and current High-Performance Director for IABA. Bernard is hugely experienced in developing high-performing teams and believes the secret to achieving world class behaviours is:

  1. talent
  2. having a fully aligned support team
  3. the setting of challenging goals
  4. getting the challenge/support balance just right

Kerry Foods
Uspire encourage their clients to adopt a champion-led change approach to their learning and development; encouraging people to build their own capability and confidence so they can champion the learnings within their team. The commercial team at Kerry Foods is an excellent example of the champion-led approach.

Brian Kelly of Kerry Foods talked about his experience as a Uspire Champion and the positive impact it had on him and his team. Indeed, there was no better endorsement of the power of the champion-led programme than the unprompted praise of attending Kerry Foods customer and suppliers who commented on the notable change in the behaviours, attitudes and capabilities of the Kerry Foods Commercial Team after the roll-out of their Customer Management Academy.

Although operating in Ireland for many years, Uspire Ireland has been launched to bring a permanence to the Uspire presence on the island of Ireland, and to help bring the value of programmes such as champion-led change to the wider Irish business community.

To explore how to develop world class commercial teams through champion-led change please contact Michael Cullen for Uspire Ireland or Amanda Downs for Uspire.

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