Situation brief

‘We need to understand what the components are for high quality sales performance (Vintrepreneurs) so that we can define what ‘Commercial Excellence in Wine’ looks like and then make it happen across EMEA’

Task given to STAR

‘Tell us where we stand now in terms of selling skills across all sectors and then create a learning journey which catapults TWE to a point of setting a standard for our industry’

Action taken

1. We asked the Steering committee to shape the sales competency model relevant for all aspects of the commercial operation.
2. STAR used a co-created competency set to do a rigorous familiarisation of the Treasury Wine Estates business and its key Account Management teams.
3. We enlisted the aid of Sales Champions from each sector to launch and monitor progress
4. We co-created a learning log and APP
5. We launched the training programme in the Summer of 2013
6. We conducted a round of review days in the early Autumn to ensure momentum was maintained


Jonathan Caton, Grocery Sales Controller commented:
‘We recognise that we are still in the early days of the TWE Customer Academy. Nevertheless I see a new and consistent energy, much more insight within our customer plans and a better attention to speaking customer language’.