Photos & presentation from the Health & Wellbeing Masterclass

Jannika’s presentation from the Health & Wellbeing Master class is available to view here.

Let’s follow her advice and change our habits… But can the nation follow on?

H&WB Montage

Here’s what the champions had to say:

“I found the day so different from normal learning – the speakers, the food and the mindfulness painting session.” Ben Grout HSBC

“I loved being asked to paint because it is something I have never done before and was symbolic of the opportunities we miss in life when we just do what we’ve always done.” Ed Allingham Aledro Ltd

‘This has a great ‘time out’ element to help us reflect how we behave and how we could behave; Visionscaping was a great way to set goals”
Alan Clayton Hire Station

The whole day had a great atmosphere with inspiration to do the little things which are easy to implement.” Silke Riemer Closing Steps

“The specialist coaches were all fantastically engaging.” Peter Mallett. Sacla’

“I was struck by the openness of the Champions to play…it made my task easy. As a facilitator I learnt to try and do less in the time slot, so there is more time for reflection and feedback.”
Louis Parsons

“A great group of people willing to work hard. We need to change the way British people fuel their bodies. Sugar in every meal and snack is costing too much in lack of energy and ill health.”
Jannika Larsson


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