It might surprise you that one of the key success factors to retailer Aldi’s success is its convenience, not its price. Spacious aisles in-store and large car parks outside make getting in, around and out as easy as possible. Being user-friendly is a key factor in influencing a change in consumer’s buying behaviour. Customers are more likely to switch products and services if their lives are made easier, rather than if a product is simply cheaper.

But not everyone gets convenience right. In Farnborough, the local council invested in a spacious new park to increase the town’s ease of access for out-of-town shoppers. Dubbed the ‘secret’ car park it sits above retail outlets with no way to access it, so it remains an unused white elephant.

We’d all like to enjoy growth like Aldi, and avoid building ‘secret’ car parks, yet it never fails to amaze us how many times we are presented with strategies and activation plans that fail to address the most basic of questions.  

  • Are you aligned to exactly what it is you want your customers to do differently?

  • Is everyone clear about how the plan will be delivered?

  • Have you got the right checks and balances in place to change the plan if needed?

Uspire believe that 60% of ‘secret’ car parks are produced when a lack of time and resource is invested in validating how robust a strategy is. The other 40% occur when the activation plans are left unchecked or when there is failure to communicate the plan across the organisation.

Here are some points to consider:

  • What behaviour do you want to get people to do differently?

    • Do you want them to buy differently?
    • Do you want them to broaden usage?
    • Do you want to them to increase consumption?
  • What does the customer journey look and feel like?

  • What are your internal and external communication plans?

  • What project governance do you have in place?

Uspire clients utilise our Valid-8 and Activ-8 programmes to help create a systematic approach to building and delivering their commercial strategies and marketing plans.

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