USPIRE is a space where like-minded individuals can share experiences, and learn from each other. It’s also the means to access information which will help to meet the challenges of business within their chosen groups and sectors.

In a safe, secure environment champions can feel free to discuss what works for them, while at the same time reaching out for advice. It offers the opportunity to extend contacts and gain useful insight into other sectors and the challenges they face. As a champion within USPIRE you will have access to events, learning and insights not available elsewhere on a preferential basis.

As a member of USPIRE you will already be a commercial leader of change. USPIRE provides the space to meet, interact and share with others that get it!

USPIRE provides access to material, events and learning as part of the membership, on an exclusive basis or under preferential terms. What’s best of all – we’ll send the information to you (once you’ve told us what you want) – you won’t have to go search for it!