Continuous Elite Commercial Support

The Uspire Network is a unique blend of commercial coaching and mentoring, peer-to-peer learning and thought-provoking events, that combine to create the finest commercial leaders in the world.

Designed specifically for high potential commercial leaders seeking to step up into future C-suite roles, the Uspire Network focuses on delivering tangible business results whilst creating and nurturing high performance talent.

Join Directors and Function Heads benefiting from this commercial support network

Every member of the Uspire Network is guaranteed

  • An elite commercial coach and mentor
  • A diverse, non-competing peer group
  • Provocation to think differently
  • Actionable outcomes
  • A demonstrable 5:1 ROI

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The Uspire Network is designed to benefit commercial team members and individuals who wish to fast track their commercial development. Providing continuous elite commercial support ensures our clients have the finest commercial leaders in the world.

We energise the most talented commercial leaders to:

  • LEARN from a diverse and talented network of peers, coaches, speakers and tools that you can take back to your business
  • ENGAGE and retain talent more effectively, reducing recruitment costs through improved loyalty and motivation
  • ACQUIRE multi-dimensional thinking to problem solving, creating a competitive advantage for your business
  • DELIVER enhanced business results

You become an interdependent part of this elite commercial programme by:

  • Contracting with your commercial coach and mentor
  • Committing to attend every peer-based workshop
  • Sharing your personal and business challenges
  • Contributing your knowledge and experience
  • Embracing and reflecting on a diversity of thinking
  • Being open to high challenge & high support
  • Taking your learning back into your organisation to stimulate change

Monthly Commercial Coaching & Mentoring

  • Monthly one-to-ones with a proven commercial leader
  • Assisting you in delivering tangible business results
  • Helping you acquire transformational new business skills


Commercial coaching and mentoring lies at the heart of the Uspire Network proposition. The relationship developed between the Commercial Coach and each Member is the most critical element of the Network’s success. The monthly one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions are specific to each member’s needs, and focus on delivering tangible business results. Our proprietary U.S.P.I.R.E. Problem Solving model helps Coach and Member tackle their own specific commercial challenges in a structured and repeatable way.


  • 90-minute monthly Commercial Coaching and Mentoring (pro-rata)
  • Objective-centric, and determined by each member
  • Focused on delivering solutions to business goals
  • Impartial and Confidential


  • Addresses key commercial challenges
  • Produces tangible business benefits
  • Grows skills measurably
  • Supports personal development plans
  • Become an expert in the USPIRE Commercial Solution Framework

Peer-based learning workshops

  • Dynamic interaction with your peers driving diversity of thinking and perspective
  • Non-competitive peer group to create challenge and learn from
  • Stimulating speaker programme addressing common business challenges


The peer based workshops develop a teamwork ethos that enriches the Uspire Network experience for its members. Sharing with, and learning from, a peer group from non-competing businesses creates personal development. The sharing of best practice from Senior Commercial Leaders across different industry sectors drives diversity of thinking. This diversity enhances an individual’s creative problem solving capability and deepens the quality of innovative solutions that are brought back into an individual’s business.


  • 6 peer-to-peer meetings per year
  • Peer originated development; focus is defined by the membership
  • Specialist guest speakers spark debate and inspire new thinking
  • Members share business experience and support peers in finding solutions


  • A safe and open environment in which to find solutions to business problems
  • Business problems solved
  • Quality time focused on business and personal development
  • Broader experience through exposure to different industries and sectors
  • Heightened creativity and adaptability
  • Learning through practical hands-on business case studies
  • Peers working together to solve their own business challenges

National Masterclasses

  • Provoking commercial leaders to think about the wider business landscape
  • Stretching an individual’s commercial competencies
  • Stimulating debate and discussion so new ideas are shared and considered


Members of the Uspire Network gain free access to the Uspire National Masterclass Events. Multi-speaker debates bring together Commercial Leaders from across the entire Network then Commercial Coaches facilitate debate with their regional peer group for more focused consideration. Carefully selected speakers present a selection of paradigm shifts facing commercial leaders today, then facilitate small group debate for more focused consideration. Feedback centres around the need to change.

Each National Masterclass begins and ends with a specific call to action that each member takes away to consider.


  • Centrally coordinated and managed events
  • Multi-speaker debates
  • 2 per calendar year
  • 1/2 day sessions


  • Engages members within the broader membership network
  • Enhances learnings from ideas cross-fertilisation
  • Develops longer-range thought horizons and commercial capability

New Learning Resources

  • Thought-provoking research
  • Bite-sized learning lunch webinars
  • Annual award celebration


The Uspire Network learning resources provide invaluable insight and subject matter expertise across a number of commercial issues. From new thinking and though-provoking research to incisive webinars, the learning resources are geared toward commercial development and personal growth.


  • Incisive 30 min lunchtime webinars
  • Single-subject commercial focus
  • Insight from panels of industry experts


  • Unique Uspire thinking to stimulate change
  • Best practice learnings

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