East Thames Presentation Skills Scheme 2016

Friday 7th of October saw the culmination of the East Thames Presentation Skills Training Scheme 2016, an 8-week community project between Star Community Academy, East Thames Housing Association and HSBC. This was led by Star Community Academy in conjunction with Staff members from HSBC who facilitated 6 confidence building training sessions for young people from East London.

Each of the young people attended a Bi-Weekly workshop run designed and run by Star and facilitated by HSBC Staff. Over the course of 8 weeks the learners worked towards developing the communication and confidence skills required to present to 4 Senior Staff Members from HSBC in a finale at the top of HSBC Global Head Quarters Building in, Canary Wharf.

The all-day event was enriched by the emotional awareness and resilience training skills of Tony Griffin and Ciara Quinn from the SOAR foundation in Ireland, who flew in from Dublin especially to help the young people prepare for their final presentations.

Tony and Ciara led a pre-presentation workshop on building self-awareness, emotional resilience and self-expression. After a morning of final preparation with the team from SOAR, the young people each presented on an item of significant meaning to them to the panel of four Senior Staff members from around HSBC.

The day finished with a certificate ceremony for the learners to celebrate the completion of the programme.

The STAR Community Academy has committed to continue its work with HSBC and East Thames in 2017 by running this programme again for a new cohort from East London.

Launch of First Five Steps Pack

In March 2016 Star Community Academy Launched ‘The First Five Steps’ work book to help young people think about potential career paths that may suit them. The First Five Steps work book gives you a structured approach to thinking about your strengths and preferences for a career. This was designed by Star Community Academy as a standalone workbook that can also be combined with an interactive lesson plan to give a structured and enjoyable approach to career awareness for people aged 13 to 15.

Eastbury Community School in Barking Sixth Form Mock Assessment Center Day

The Star Community Academy is always looking at ways to support young people in the community to grow and develop skills that can be useful in their careers. One example of this is the range of Mock Assessment Centre case studies that have been developed to give participants a chance to experience a corporate assessment centre.

Star facilitated one of these sessions for Eastbury Community School’s Sixth Form on the 6th of July 2016. The day started with a briefing for both the students and the USPIRE Champions who took part in the day, followed by the 2 hour task.

In groups the students were asked to work together to anaylse a set of information and present back to USPIRE Champions on a commercial decision based on the information they were given.